Include Axesmap’s drone data in your workflow for easy monitoring of the mining site


Drones are taking Indian mining industry by storm. Providing drone mapping abilities to the mining companies, ensures better results and drastically improved flexibility through their unprecedented data acquisition time. Be it a large mine or a small quarry, aerial survey is possible.

Our data helps you in
  • Pit planning & Management
  • Pre and post-blast analysis
  • Volume estimation of excavated region
  • Stockpile reconciliation
  • Asset management & scheduling

Improved safety:
Some surveyors involve navigating challenging terrain that can be dangerous and a hindrance to carryout survey. Surveyors can work safer by relaying on drones for research and mapping, thus reducing potential risks on rigged terrain

Apart from the above critical information, land use can be monitored and any encroachment on company property can be quickly detected.